Monday, May 5, 2008

...for sharing the fun!!

I just finished the most amazing week-long conference! There were so many wonderful online seminars!!

I know. I know. I am telling you about it after it is finished. But, I want to tell you how YOU can still listen in. Cindy recorded it and is editing it for the Ultimate Homeschool Expo Membership Site. For those that buy a ticket to the event, we can access our INCREDIBLE Membership Site that will feature all of the audios/transcripts from the event for download...awesome vendor webpages...and all of the wonderful freebies that are being given out for attendees. And...the price is only $40.00 for EVERYTHING!

Please check it out today!! The Ulimate Home School Expo has finished with the live recordings, but you can still download everything and I mean EVERYTHING from the Membership Site!! I can't even begin to let you know how incredible an offer this is! There is something for everyone - whether you have pre-schoolers or high schoolers or any kiddos in-between.

Oh! Take a peek at our website for more information:

Ultimate HomeSchool Expo 2008!

Cindy has given me permission to give you a sampler of one of her free gifts that is included on the Membership Site. I am so excited to give it to you! It is a audio and ebook set that she actually sells on her website, but she is giving away on the Membership Site. Here is the link:

Oops! My Cup is Empty and My Coffee Pot is Broke!
Audio Workshop Download With Cindy Rushton

Tired? Weary? Find yourself overwhelmed by the tremendous load of motherhood? Do you consider this one of the most demanding, yet rewarding roles you will ever fill…yet that send shivers down your spine? Join Cindy as she exhorts you in your high calling. This workshop shares Cindy’s heart as she shares about those good days and bad days…sweet memories and rather bitter moments that have made life so precious all along the way. Taking you on a journey back in Scripture to meet Hannah, Cindy will share God’s answers to her heart cry during times she has found her OWN cup empty while “everything” continued to hit all at once!! The biblical insights are sure to draw YOUR heart to your Heavenly Father AND to those you are pouring into. Join us as Cindy ministers encouragement and direction straight from the Word of God to your heart, soul, and mind!

Download by Mp3
Oops! My Cup is Empty, and My Coffee Pot is Broke!

Isn't that FUN?

You know the saying that a picture captures a thousand words,well...what about a a gift like this??? And, just think...this is only ONE of the awesome gifts included on the Membership Site. There are hundreds more!

Take my word for it, you will WANT a ticket to this event and access to all of the wonderful resources. Grab your ticket here:

Ultimate HomeSchool Expo 2008!