Thursday, May 1, 2008

...for winning

Well, I just had to post a quick 'Yippee!!!'...along with our two blessed winners earlier, I found out that I also won a giveaway!

I'm very, very excited!

You can see my name here! Then go to Bloggy Giveaways and see if they have something you would want to win!

I'm thrilled beyond words! We won a copy of Quest for the Lost City of Gold.

We'll certainly be looking forward to receiving this one! We love a good treasure hunt!

Speaking of hunts, if you like a good hunt with history involved, you may want to check out our friend's blog. They are having a little fun themselves. While there is no prize at the end, the journey has been enjoyable - especially if you like to sleuth! We are learning all sorts of interesting tidbits that we never knew before. It really has been a blast!

Go check out The Story of the Land.


Julie said...

Yipee! It looks like a very interesting book.

Jennifer Bogart said...

Congratulations! It looks like such a fun book!