Saturday, May 3, 2008

...for little girls and tea parties

The celebration of turning 10 continues at our home. Marlee had some friends over for a tea party today. Victoria and I had a fun time putting everything together, and the girls had a great time visiting!

Enjoy the pictures! (...and remember, the kids LOVE comments!)

A bit of dancing before the tea:

Our trustee Matre'd for the day:

The table is set:

The Young Ladies being escorted to their seats:

David giving the blessing:

The wonderful buffet:

A toast:

Fun fellowship:

Birthday blessings:

Gifts from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Jack (David was just as excited as Marlee!):

A special gift from a very special 'too-far-away' friend:

Bye all!:


Julie said...

Marlee, It looked like you had a fun time at your party. You look very pretty in your dress. I miss you sooooooo much and I hope you liked the gift. :)

Abbey :)

homeontherange said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. I like the dresses, colors, table and food settings, helper, and most of all the smiles. Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

What a fun birthday party! Marlee, you're the belle of the ball! And David is so dashing and quite the gentlemen!