Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...for trusting

We are often asked about our parenting practices - especially in regards to our daughters. Most of those we know cannot understand our desire to instruct our daughters in being keepers at home and to use these years of singleness to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord. However, we know that now is the time for the Lord to build a strong foundation in their lives while they are not directly responsible for others.

We have been blessed with two very charming daughters.

Our oldest daughter is a lovely 17-year-old young woman. Here she is having some fun at Christmas:

Our younger daughter is a beautiful young lady of 10 (tomorrow *smile*).

Our journey with the Lord started just a short eight years ago, however, He has been merciful in blessing us with two young women that seek Him daily. It is our desire to follow His plan, and to trust that He will see it to fruition for wherever the path leads.

Yes, we like our daughters to look feminine and modest. Yes, we want our daughters to feel well-equipped to manage their own homes one day. Yes, we want our daughters to see that right now is the time to serve their family. Yes, we want our daughters to remain pure in heart and flesh for the one God has chosen for them. Yes, we want our daughters to pursue the highest calling there is for women...that of wife and mother. ...and yes, we want them to do all this with the Lord Jesus at the center of their thoughts, motives, and heart.

This is contradictory to the world. This is contradictory to how both my husband and I were raised, and how we began raising our oldest two children. However, God is good. God is amazingly merciful. God has truly transformed our minds so that we can live for Him. A new pattern is being set in our family. A multi-generational pattern. We thank the Lord every day for the renewing that has been going on in our household.

We trust Him for everything. We trust Him with our daughters. We trust that by following His word and His desires that He will see our daughters through.

People may not understand. People may not agree. However, we will only answer to One.

Here is a beautiful example of raising maidens of virture. Grab a tissue, you will need it!!


Lines From The Vine said...

Hi Camille,
This is my first time to visit your site- our family was part of the JT400 and feel like we almost know you! : )

You have a nice site and your family is so lovely...thank you for sharing your thoughts on raising children.


homeontherange said...

Next time I'll be quicker to follow the directions. When Camille says get a tissue---DO!

I thank God for families raising virtuous daughters.
Happy Birthday Marlee!

Jennifer Bogart said...

I'm with you sister! And so thankful the Lord saved us when our two girls (so far) are still young! Gives us more time to work with them :).