Friday, May 2, 2008

...for birthdays

We cannot believe that we have had 10 wonderful years with our Ms. Marlee-girl!! It doesn't seem that long ago when we welcomed her into our arms!!!

As has become tradition in our family, Marlee got to pick a place to eat for her birthday dinner. She chose the China Buffet, and we were joined by Grandma Karen and Grandma Sweetie and Grandpa Ron.

It was a fun evening celebrating!!

...and now for some pictures!!!

The following picture captured what had to be my very favorite part of the evening. Marlee was opening the gift that David bought for her. She had just finished reading the card aloud. Here is what the card said:

(Outside) This birthday card can only be opened by a terrific Sister!!
(Inside) See?

...and David added the following note on the inside: "Happy Golf Day!, I mean Birthday! I will love you with all my heart forever! Love, David"

This really, really touched my heart to see, again, the bond these two share. David also drew some pictures on the inside of the card, he was explaining the pictures to Marlee in this picture.