Thursday, April 24, 2008

...for learning new things!

I was over at my friend Jennifer's blog this morning, and learned something new. Well, I learned more about a new concept that I came across yesterday. Have you ever heard of a Blog Carnival?? I hadn't either until yesterday!

Did you click the link to learn more about it? Okay, then you know all I know. Jennifer is taking part in her first carnival this year. You can go visit her site and enter her carnival and then follow the links from her site to enter at the other participating carnival booths! If you win, please come back and let me know!!! I love to hear when people win stuff!!

We also LOVE to host give-aways at our house!! The kids are still working on putting together May's contest...AND there are still a few days left to enter to win a $25 gift certificate for Wall Lettering from Fruitful Vine Creations for April's contest.

Why are you still here reading??? Get on over to Jennifer's Blog to enter in her give-away, and then come back over here to enter our April Contest.

The Blog Carnival that Jennifer is a part of ends this hurry on over and enter all over the place. Our April contest ends the 30th. We will draw a winner on May 1st.

Now...go have some fun!!!


Julie said...

Oh! There are so many great things being given away!! I've entered a few that I am interested in. Thanks for letting us know!

Safe Thus Far said...

I'm glad to know about this. It's very tempting to have a giveaway for my shirts, and I thought about it. But even though a lot of people might end up looking, how many of them would fit the profile that buys from my store? Hmmm.

Now that I know about this concept, I would love to see a giveaway carnival among conservative Christian ladies! If you hear of one going on or can talk anybody into starting one, let me know! :)

Jennifer Bogart said...

Hi Camille, thanks for the linky love! It would be lots of fun to host a carnival for conservative Christian ladies, that would be too too fun! I know of some BIG blogrolls for christian women, but not of many conservative ones. Hmmm, we would need a graphics button (I'm not talented with digital images, anyone else?) and a good way to get the word out widely :). I'll have to pray! This would be so fun!

Safe Thus Far said...

I'll volunteer to make the graphic! Are there any suggestions?