Tuesday, May 6, 2008

...for giving

I want to introduce you to a wonderful ministry. You can read their statement of fatih here. For more information about their ministry you can email them and/or sign up for their newsletter here.

I was introduced to Only a Servant last year while looking for modest clothing for Marlee. As many of you know, finding modest, feminine clothing, even for your young daughters is proving to be more and more difficult every day. We have searched high and low for dresses and skirts for Marlee to wear for every day. Sure, you can get some fancy dresses for special occasions that are modest, but it seems stores just don't sell your every day play dress any more.

One branch of Only a Servant is Dorcas House. Here is the description of Dorcas House from the Only a Servant website:

These skirts are sewn by Christian sisters from the John 3:16 Church in Nava, Mexico. Your purchase provides an opportunity for the ladies to help support their families while still caring for their children. The "Dorcas House" where the ladies sew is located within walking distance of the church and many of their homes.

With all the sewing that has been going on at Dorcas House, they are in need of an industrial-strength serger. They have received donations and/or have been able to set aside approximately $600.00 of the $1800.00 needed to buy the machine they need. Would you consider giving a donation today?

To view the delightful, modest, feminine dresses and skirts they have to offer please visit Babz Girls. This is the site that has the dresses/skirts currently for sale, as well as ordering information.

If this is a ministry you would like to help with - and I so hope you do because we have purchased many an outfit for Marlee through this site, and would like to continue doing so - please send your check to the following address:

Dorcas House
PO Box 700155
San Antonio TX 78270

Many of you may be wondering what is in it for me? The answer is nothing, other than helping a ministry that is in need so that we can still have a wonderful place to keep our young daughter in pretty, modest, feminine apparrel for several more years.

Thank you in advance for seriously considering making a donation to this wonderful, wonderful ministry.

Blessings to you!!