Wednesday, May 21, 2008

...for Wordless Wednesday


Hopeful Spirit said...

Thanks for stopping by my site.

The Divine Creator is offended by injustice such as discrimination. That includes discrimination against any divine creations and yes, persons of all sexual orientations are divine creations worthy of respect, equality, and justice. I think the Divine Creator was glorified when the California Supreme Court acknowledged the inherent worth of every divine creation and ruled that they shall be treated equally under the law.

Perhaps we don't worship the same Divine Creator? Or perhaps we simply have a different perception of that entity?



KeepItSimple said...

From your comment, I would have to say that we do not worship the same 'divine creator'. I worrship is the one and only true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, whose Word is living water. His Word is found in the Holy Bible.

We have to look no further than Sodom and Gomorrah to find our answer for how God feels about this.

Should we show Christ's love to everyone? Absolutely. One of the greatest way to show this love is to not accept things that are an abomination to the Lord.

We are told to flee from evil. ...and if we truly love another, we will encourage each other to do the same.

Thank you for stopping by and clarifying. I will be praying for you - that your eyes will be opened to the magnificent and wonderful love of our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, and that your ears will hear His wonderful Word.

Blessings to you -

Zooropa said...

OOoo...great pix!


KeepItSimple said...

Thanks, Dora!!

My daughter took that this winter. I love the way the trees cast their shadow on the snow.

Blessings to you -