Thursday, May 15, 2008

...for updates

Following are posts that are worthy of mentioning once more - well, truly all of them are worthy of a second mention, I did write them afterall - but I really wanted to share these particular ones with you again!

...for gardening: A High and Noble Calling has Parts 4 and 5 released for her series on 'How Does Your Garden Grow'.

...for mourning and healing: Please remember to keep Heather and her family in your prayers.

...for making liquid laundry soap: I had a lot of fun making this tutorial on making your own laundry soap!

...for giving: Have you had a chance to read about Dorcas House yet? This is a wonderful, wonderful ministry!! If you are looking for modest clothing for your young daughters, you will want to check them out!!

...for a May Contest: Last, but not least, our May contest is still going on!! Join in on the fun!


Julie said...

Finally a picture I can identify!!

Walter said...

Hey, it's blurry! Doesn't count... :)

Wow, you're prepared with these photos - you took this one last month! (exactly a month ago, actually...)

Ah yes, the blogging "roundup" technique. Good, good - you are learning well! :)

allison said...

you inspired me to make my own laundry soap :) thanks!