Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...for enjoying creation

This weekend, while the girls were off at their retreat, the boys had fun! They built a fence for a friend, went tubing down the creek, and enjoyed a cookout with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sweetie. However, none of these things were mentioned in the excited phone message I received from David. He called to let Marlee know that while they were out and about he found a turtle! He was thrilled!!!

Dad allowed him to keep the turtle until we arrived home. He built a mini-habitat for him in one of our rabbit carriers. Mr. Turtle (aka Speedy) had a little pond, some vegetation, and a rock. I don't think he was very appreciative of this temporary home, but he did not let his disappointment show. He was as personable as turtles can be when we were finally introduced to him.

Marlee was a bit tickled by Mr. Turtle's flipper feet!

David, our very own backyard scientist, examines Mr. Turtle very closely. Delighting in the wonderful colors, the fantastic designs, and the structure of Mr. Turtle. I'm not sure if he gets his 'scientific examination face' from his mom or his dad, or perhaps I'm just good at capturing pictures of people when they have a trollish look (that was for you Kat!).

David encourages Marlee to examine the intricacies of Mr. Turtle's underbelly for herself.

All in all, the kids really enjoyed their visit with Mr. Turtle and felt that he was all right!

On Monday, the kids brought Mr. Turtle back to the creek and set him free. They said that Mr. Turtle was very, very happy about this and immediately dove into the creek, more of a swan dive than a turtle dive, and began swimming in circles.

The kids are always thrilled when they come across different animals in the wild. They truly marvelled at the creativity of God's wonderful creation - Mr. Turtle.

PS - If you know what kind of turtle this is, would you let us know??