Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...for Powerful Parenting - Part 1: Purposeful Parenting

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had the privilege of hearing Nancy Campbell speak at an Above Rubies Ladies Retreat.

Some of the sub-topics were covered more thoroughly than others in our short time together - and some sessions I took better notes than other sessions - but I hope to go over what I learned during the weekend.

Before she started in on the different principles, she talked of the first thing we need to understand. That is we have to understand who we are - which we accomplish through knowing who God created us to be. He created us beautifully and magnificently as women. We were then directed to the Scriptures to find what the Word has to say about this marvelous creation called Woman.

Nancy read several different verses from Genesis 1 - distinguishing between male and female. She said something that I had never considered before. All of creation was made new and fresh - out of nothing - except one. Woman. Woman was made from man. Now, I knew this - but the picture she painted made this new truth come alive for me in a different and powerful way. I guess I never thought deeply about it. I never connected all of creation like this. The birds, the animals, the sea life, the plants, the trees, man - everything...all were made individually. Woman, however, came from man. As I write, it is not coming across with the revelation that I would like it to, but it still was an amazing moment for me.

She then went on to discuss the Hebrew meaning of the word 'El Shaddai'. 'El' is Almighty God and 'Shaddai' is All Sufficiency. The root of Shaddai is 'shad'. Shad, as used in the Bible, sometimes is translated 'breast' giving the idea of 'nurturing' as found in Isaiah 66:11-13. It is the same idea - just as the Almighty God is nurturing and comforting as described in His name El Shaddai - so is a mother nurturing and comforting.

God also created woman to be life givers. The first time the word 'mother' is mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 3:20 - before there were children, Eve is called the mother of all living. Isn't this fantastic?? We are life givers!!! We were created to give and nurture life.

I wrote something she said, as a side note, but it is so true in the feministic society we live in. She said, 'Every woman loves her children, but not every woman loves motherhood.' Isn't this so true? Could this ever have been said about you? Could it be said about you now? I have to admit, this statement could have been said to describe me at different times during my season of motherhood. I am now in my 18th year of being a mother, and I have to say, that by God's grace, I have now fully embraced my high calling as Mother. I could not imagine doing anything bigger, better, or more rewarding than serving my Lord through the blessings He has charged me with at this time.

When we can understand who we are as women, who God created us to be to serve Him, then we can move on to Powerful Parenting!


Stephanie@AHighandNobleCalling said...

That is a wonderful revelation. I have always loved and embraced motherhood, but for many years I was confused as to how to apply that into my life for God's glory. Through ministries like Above Rubies I have learned a lot!

I hope you have more to share on your seminar! It sounds wonderful!