Monday, May 19, 2008

...for retreats, refreshement, and rejuvenation

This weekend Marlee, Victoria, and I had the awesome privilege of sitting under the teaching of Nancy Campbell of the Above Rubies Ministry at Peniel Ranch.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear this wonderful woman of God speak, please consider doing so. Words can really not do justice for the depth of Nancy's love of the Lord - or the joy that just flows out of is contagious!!! During camp, whenever I saw her, I just had to smile. I truly cannot put into words adequately what it was to meet her and hear her speak. I can tell you that she does make much of God, and that I came away from the weekend with a deeper desire to serve the Lord more fully and to bring glory to Him.

The weekend was full to overflowing of many wonderful, wonderful times! To name a few, there was

Time for socilizing:

Time for making friends:

Time for playing:

Time for gathering round the meal table:

Time for prayer:

Time for singing:

and last but definitely not least, Time for teaching:

Nancy chose to speak about the Power of Parenting this weekend. It was wonderful, wonderful teaching. Above Rubies does sell a study manual on this topic, The Power of Motherhod.

There are 24 chapters that tell you what God says about you as a mother in His Word. You will never be same again! There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter for personal meditation or use in Ladies Bible Study Groups. Ladies all over the nation are studying this book together and being inspired and uplifted in their divine calling of motherhood.

During the weekend, Nancy covered eight different principles in Powerful Parenting. These were:

I. Purposeful Parenting
II. Prayerful Parenting
III. Positive Parenting
IV. Patient Parenting
V. Protective Parenting
VI. Principled Parenting
VII. Permanent Parenting
VIII. Persevering Parenting

Stay tuned for future posts as I go over each of the points that Nancy made during the weekend. It truly was exceptional teaching. It felt so very, very good to sit in the midst of believers, under challenging teaching, and to have fellowship and time of discussion. His Word truly is Living Water, and this parched ground truly drank in the teaching this weekend.

Head on over to Kat's - Mrs. Funky Fantastic herself - blog for more on this retreat!


Kat said...

oh boy! *bounces* I was unable to take any notes because 75% of the time, Jessica was sitting (all wiggly-like) on my lap. But YOU, you got all of the principles! Lovely!

On a side note, is there a BETTER picture that I'm in where my face isn't all scrunched up and I don't look like a troll? LOL

That's okay, I'll blog tonight or tomorrow and we'll see pictures of you...*G*

I am glad I bought, after some deliberation, "The Power of Motherhood", along with the cookbook and the Proverbs 31 woman study. I'm already doing Created To Be His Helpmeet, now I have even MORE to read in the mornings!

- Kat ;)

KeepItSimple said...

...but you're the most beautiful troll I have ever met!!! *smile*

...Oh No, not pictures of me - bleh! Put the one up of me hiding behind!

Just wait, I have notes and notes and notes! I think you may be able to fill in some of the gaps if you got the Power of Motherhood one. I bought the Family Meal Table, the one on special, the cookbook, and one on marriage. If you want to borrow any of the ones you don't have, let me know!

It was so incredibly good to meet you.

Blessings -

Sis said...

How on earth did we get away from that trip with ZERO pictures of me?!?!?.....For once, someone actually WANTED one. ;) ;)

Nice posts!

Love ya!

KeepItSimple said...

Sis -

You were in the can ask me about it later.

However, you may want to head over to Kat's blog for an awesome picture of you.

Love you back -