Wednesday, May 21, 2008

...for getting paid

A while back I posted about Pay Per Post - an internet marketing site that pays you to post about the things you like.

Well, I took my first offer shortly after signing up - and guess what?? I made $20 right here from the luxury of my own home!!! Now, I know that $20 isn't a lot, but I ask you - if someone came to your door and said 'Here's $20' - would you say, 'No thank you'??

There are more opportunities available - and you can always pick the ones you want.

Go check it out - they really do pay!!


jenny-up the hill said...

I LOVE working with PPP...I've made quite a bit of money over the past year. I've also done well with Payu2blog...most of their opps are $5 for 60 words and you can write freeform which is nice. If you ever have any questions about either of these companies, I'd be glad to help you!

Also...about the different subjects through Netflix that Shelby mentioned...I knew there were history and science videos, but I have not seen math videos so I'm not sure what she is talking about exactly. I've not had the time to really dig into her site does look chocked full of info though...

Zooropa said...

Oh yeah, that's fantastic joining then especially when u see money keep flowing in ur account! Hope to see u ard my place some day & cheers...


Jennifer Bogart said...

Hi Camille,

I agree, my first month I only made $31.00 that I've received this far, but for May so far it is $50.00+ (so now we can afford to pay for high speed internet! What a blessing!!) And I'm still working on my blog too :).

KeepItSimple said...

I still have to figure out how to boost those ratings, but I tell ya, it is a fantastic way (for someone clueless about all this like me) to make some nice pocket change!

Blessings -