Saturday, April 12, 2008

...for yardwork

Yesterday we enjoyed another truly Spring-time day!!! Now, I know, it's April, and most of you out there have had an abundance of Spring already; however, we still have frost on the ground every morning, and I hear they are calling for more snow next week...BRR!! So, while we have our 60 - 70 degree we enjoy them to the fullest!

The day started out with a bit of yardwork.

Jacob was busy mowing the front lawn -

Okay, he was mowing. He saw me with the camera and was trying to hide - I'm not sure where - but I got him anyway!

Marlee and David were cleaning up the straw from the knife-throwing targets -

Dad was supervising -

David finished up with a bit of weed-eating -

Model: Shetland Super Muncher Year: 1995 - Kids, please get your parents permission before attempting to operate

We played some catch, and then had a barbecue. Grandpa Ron joined us for dinner.

All in all, it was a fantastic day!!