Sunday, April 20, 2008

...for seasons

Here are some pictures from last weekend. We had glorious weather!!! Nearly 80 degrees. We had some lawn tractor driving practice:

I was actually supposed to be going backwards through the cones, but I end up jack-knifing the trailer every time. Hopefully, I'll have the mechanics figured out by the end of the summer!

The kid's had Hawaiian Night at Awana...and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!!!

....and then, here is a picture outside right now (2:58 pm, April 20, 2008):

Yes, that is snow, Snow, SNOW! (Somehow, it's more exciting in October than in April...go figure!)

We don't know whether it's Spring or Winter!!! The garden spot is ready for vegetation! Now, we are waiting for Spring to arrive and stick around!!


thehappypetersons said...

You look cute in your outfits!