Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Once upon time, God created the earth and all living things. Although this happened many, many years ago, we still can enjoy His handiwork every day! While out enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and long awaited for spring-time weather, I happened to notice a wonderful example of His creation:

This pretty bird was merrily cleaning herself upon the still yet bare, winter branches of a tree in our backyard. She was enjoying the sunshine as much as I! She seemed to crane her neck every which a way so that her face was towards to the sun.

All of a sudden, something caught her attention in the upper branches of the tree. She seemed rather nervous, so I cautiously moved away.

As I diverted my attention from the bird to the area of interest...I noticed something...but what was it??

Ah ha!!! Another wonderful, marvelous example of God's creation!! I suppose this young warrior was taking dominion over the birds of the air! His prey flew away, but, a true warrior, he was not dismayed. He delighted in the creation of trees to climb!!

(Disclaimer: Writing, for the most part, is not my forte. However, I hope you enjoy my little story any way *smile*!)