Saturday, April 12, 2008

...for 'You've Got Mail'

We have a new 'first' at our house. After moving into town proper nearly 12 years ago (when we first moved here, we lived 20 miles north of town - out in the country), we have our very own mailbox!! This is the first time in Marlee's and David's lives that we have had mail delivery at the house. Prior to our move across town late last year, we had to go to the Post Office to receive our mail like the majority of the folks that live in town.

We are very excited about excited in fact, that we took pictures of the very first letter mailed from our brand new mailbox!!


Julie said...

Yeah!!!! You've got a mailbox!! We'll TRY to keep it filled up! (Please note that I am emphasising the word TRY). :)

KeepItSimple said...

We'll do our part for your mailbox, as well!! I think you'll recognize the letter in the picture when you see it again *smile*.