Monday, June 29, 2009

for Leftovers

As you may know...I really enjoy the teaching of John Piper. If you have Twitter, you can follow him on there. I don't have it, but I guess you can still read what he says without actually having an account.

Today, on Desiring God is the article 'The Loving Meaning of the Leftovers'. What a fresh new way to look at the story of Jesus feeding the first 5000+ and then the 4000.

I have often heard that when people begin tithing 'off the top' with a giving and generous spirit (read that because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to) that the money that comes into the household seems to go further. I've yet heard of a person who went broke from tithing regularly. I never gave it much thought - other than - God is good!, but this is a great example of some of the 'hidden treasures' we can find when we read and study the Scriptures.

Just thought I'd share that 'ah-ha' moment with you!

If you aren't acquainted with Mr. Piper and his teaching, I would highly suggest you spend some time over at Desiring God. While there, you can sign up to receive blog updates to your email. Good stuff, indeed! Take some time especially to go through the resource library. There are audio and video from conferences where Mr. Piper has spoken. You can also read the books he has written online for free! I have purchased several books after reading the first couple of chapters online because they were that good. I especially enjoyed This Momentary Marriage.

The next book I am considering is Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper. I have read the first few pages so far - and it looks as though this is another book that will be making a home for itself in our Family Library.

There is so much more we can be doing and learning - and as our family 'motto' goes - I am doing what I can to know God a little bit better every day and doing what I can to make Him known.

I now know that I will never look at leftovers quite the same way again. On leftover nights - as I am enjoying (or choking down) a meal that was previously served in the week, I will remember that, "You can’t outgive Jesus. When you spend your life for others, your needs will be met."