Saturday, March 14, 2009

for Hymns and music

While over at Desiring God today, I was excited to see a post entitled Free Hymns for Modern Ears.

The kids and I sing hymns along with Cyber Hymnal most mornings, but we are still learning! My 'know by memory hymn singing' is sorely lacking, however, I do appreciate the old hymns and the stories behind them.

Our music likes cover a broad spectrum. Some days are hymns days - some days are get up and sing and shout like David bringing the Ark back. Some days are for 'story songs' - sermons within songs to make you really think and reflect on the Word - and some days are for songs that exhort and lift you up - closer to the one whom all music should glorify!

I am so incredibly thankful that the Lord gave us music!!! Though I'm not a 'music junky' - (ie - I can't tell you who sings that song or this song - most of the time) - but I do so enjoy it. At our house - you'll never know what kind of music you'll hear!! We have a wide variety of music likes - and no two of us enjoy all the same types of music - but we do listen to all types out of love for the others in our house - though we do a draw an occasional line!

Some days you may hear classical or rap, country or rock and roll, bluegrass or jazz, and probably any other type of music out there. About the only thing you won't hear is heavy metal or punk rock - that is too discordant for me.

Any way...head on over to Page CXVI to download some Modern Hymns for free! (Do you like that word as much as I do??) I just finished downloading mine - so I'm going now to listen to them.

I also wanted to point out that Desiring God has almost everything they sell for free! Go check out their Resource Library for some really great resources. You can find online books, sermons, conference messages, biographical messages...oh so many wonderful things.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I so appreciate Desiring God Ministries...for their heart of spreading the Gospel above earning a buck - to me, in a day where it seems so many ministries are making their ministers/directors rich, rich, rich - those at Desiring God are in the business of making the lives they touch rich, rich, rich in the knowledge of God.


TulipGirl said...

I love singing hymns with my boys. balm to the soul.