Tuesday, March 3, 2009

for some Family Updates

January and February have just flown by! As you know, David celebrated his 9th birthday in January, and Mom celebrated her 42nd birthday in February.

I have spent February (and now, March) recuperating. I still walk with a limp, but I'm on the home-stretch now!

Our own resident cameraman, when not spending time on her studies, has been busy behind the camera snapping shots here and there. She has captured many a 'moment-in-the-life' type photos this month, some of which I will share with you now!

She couldn't resist this picture of the kids and I reading. Life without cable is grand!!! This is quite a common scene at our house.

The past several months, Dad has been working on 'core-muscle exercises'. As the years creep by, he realizes his back seems to hurt worse. Aside from the odd formations in his lower back, he feels that these exercises will help all of us. A lot of the exercises use the feet in some capacity, so I haven't been able to take part yet, but David joined in one evening.

Notice the 'Real Man' exercise cloths!
In the background, Marlee is loading up 'The Waltons'. Every Monday evening at our house is 'Walton Night'.

Here are a couple of pictures of David with some of his favorite women!

May they always be this close!!!

...and the 'moment-in-the-life' pictures wouldn't be complete without a couple of 'schooling' pictures!

Domesticity - A Lost Art!

(Great) Aunt Ellen and her husband, Uncle Jim came for a visit. We had a wonderful visit with them! Marlee had Aunt Ellen join her once again in the kitchen for some pie making. Marlee spent some time this summer at the family reunion helping Aunt Ellen make Peach Pies - this time around, they made an Apple Pie, and some 'mini-pies' with the left over pie crust.

More to come very soon! (...and I really, really mean it!)


Safe Thus Far said...

Thank you! It's always fun to peek into the homes of far-away friends. Almost like being there.