Wednesday, September 17, 2008

for 'Speed Racer go go Speed Racer' I don't really mean 'Speed Racer' - but it's been a long time since I've sung those words - and it sounded good this morning.

This should have been shared before now - but I let time slip away (again!).

The news??

Jacob is now among the ranks of drivers. He passed his written exam a bit ago and is taking Driver Education Classes through our local high school.

He and Troy have been out on a couple of 'learning drives' since school began, and Troy is very impressed with Jacob's driving skills. Thankfully, we have a stick shift, so he will get to learn the mechanics of manual transmission driving *smile*.

By obtaining driving privileges, he will be a bigger asset to our family. There are times when Troy needs a driver to tag along with him when he does things - but he also needs the brawn - now, he'll have both in one person!!!

Way to go, Jacob!!!!

What?!?! I got a letter from the State of Washington?? How come?
(Notice the uncertainty on his face.)

Hey, my Learner's Permit!
(...and the smile)