Saturday, September 13, 2008

for surprise parties!!!

Victoria had been teasing us (for a couple of weeks) about the fantastic surprise party we were planning for her. Only problem....we weren't planning one *smile*. I tried to put together a Ladies' Tea - but things just didn't come together. However, all was not lost!!!

Marlee and David decided THEY would have a surprise party for their sister. They enlisted the help of Mom, Dad, and Grandma Sweetie to get things together. They decorated (a little) - baked a cake - and kept the surprise (which was a surprise!). It was difficult to work around Sis not finding out - and it was a later than usual party because Jacob had a game (which they won - Go Tigers!!!) - but all in all it was great.

We all piled into the tree house for a wonderful 'party'! ...and so closes another chapter in a year in the life of a member of our family.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

She's huffs...and she puffs...and she BLOWS those candles out!!

Um...Sis, we DO have forks you know?!?!

Lots of family fun!!!


eliasboudinotismyfriend said...

About that picture of Victoria entitled "we have forks, you know", that was a picture of our family tradition. The birthday person has to take a bite of his/her cake (before it is cut). The rule is that you can't ruin the cake, but you have to at least get your nose dirty! We have some pretty funny pictures! Y'all should try it sometime - it's fun!