Saturday, September 13, 2008

for a HSBA Swap Buddy Gift

So, you may be asking yourself what exactly is HSBA...well, it is none other than the Homeschool Blog Awards!!

Every month (or two) they host a 'SWAP'. Now you're wondering what a swap is...right??? From their site:

Swaps are like having a secret sister that isn’t secret… and having a new secret sister each month. You fill out a questionnaire about yourself, get paired up with a secret sister, and spend about 5$ plus postage each month sending a personalized gift to your monthly swap buddy. The great thing is, you get a 5$ gift back… customized for you. Even better is the fact that you are swapping with another homeschool mom… and the thing about swapping with homeschoolers is that you are swapping with someone who knows how hard it is to have an extra hat on at home. We can get just as excited about swapping school supplies as we can about swapping other more usual things (like postcards, pretty papers, scrapbook items, personalized things, nail polish, etc.).

The good news...they have another SWAP coming up, so you don't want to miss out!!! Head on over to Homeschool Blog Awards and check out the upcoming SWAP.

Last month was my first time participating in a SWAP. My swap sister, Lisa (aka SisterLisa), from Home Spun Life sent me a fantastic tea ensemble!!

What a joy to go to the mailbox and find a box waiting with my surprise!! She blessed me with a very unique gift. You know the go to a store and think, 'Oh that is incredibly wonderful - but budget doesn't allow' you walk on by. Well, my swap sister came through! She sent me an adorable tea infuser, some yummy Wild Rose tea (which I had never tried before), and a cute 'drip catcher' that nestles onto the spout of your tea pot. These could not have come at a better time, either!! Marlee is already planning a 'Fall Tea' with her friends...and cold weather will be here soon, so I'm once again looking forward to my Quiet Tea Time in the morning!

Thanks, Lisa!!!!!