Monday, September 15, 2008

for BBQs and Fellowship

Those of you that know me (well), know that I am not Ms. Hospitality *smile*. I'm more of a loner. Give me some quiet, a book, a comfy chair, and tea, water, or hot cocoa (depending on the weather) - and I'm happy!

Large crowds make me feel uncomfortable. I like to remain behind the scenes. I prefer to visit rather than be visited. However, the Lord has really been working on me in this area. It's slow going - He says, 'Go, daughter' - and I say, '...but Father, I'm not ready yet'. He has been amazingly patient - and continues to give me nuggets here and there to encourage and exhort me in this area.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to have some friends over for a BBQ. Our friends Jon and Michelle with their five precious children, Travis and Hayley with there two wonderful blessings, Marilyn, and Jay all came over and enjoyed the day with us. We served grilled fish, chicken, burgers, and hot dogs. We had Cole Slaw, (cajun - don't ask) Baked Beans, watermelon, crock-pot mac 'o cheese, and a relish tray. Several of our guests brought along appetizers - which were FANTASTIC!

After all had left - Victoria asked how I think it went. (She knows my struggle in this area). It wasn't too bad (does that sound horrible??) - but I still have a long way to go. Marilyn reminded me yesterday that I have been hospitable in the past (she knows of my struggles, too)...but, I still acknowledge it is not second-nature to me.

I look forward to having more 'hospitality times' in our home. Are you a hospitality queen? Do you tips for those of us that are 'hospitality challenged'? I know I'd love to hear some creative ideas! I'd also love to hear ideas on how to witness in this area.

That was my confession time for today. I'm still working - as is the Lord. However, He is right there with me on the journey - which makes the journey even possible!

Your thoughts/comments are appreciated!!!


Kasie said...

It appears that I'm completely opposite of you Mrs. E. :-) I absolutely love hospitality! Having guests is one of my favorite things to have going on. Mom is like that too (very social, very outgoing...), so I guess that's where I mostly get it from. Angie would totally be with you though. If I ask her how a particular gathering goes she'll usually respond with a little "okay."

I should get Mom on here and see if she has any 'words of wisdom.' She'd do a better job than me since she's a homeschooling Mom as and I'm not! :-)

KeepItSimple said...

Hey Kasie...

Thanks for the comments!! I look forward to words of wisdom from your Mom...but remember 1 Timothy 4:12 *smile*.

A side note - I should leave this on your blog - but we watched the trailer for Pendragon (is that spelled right?) - and I got a chorus of 'Mom, can we get that one, can we that one?!?!?'.

Blessings -

LindaW said...

Have a Progressive Dinner....want to know how, ask me....we've had one 5 years running on our street (and a few adjoining cul-de-sacs). Great fun...and you don't do all the work!

Victoria said...

Lindaw- Thanks for sharing! Don't be afraid to say more. She's been wanting to do something like this, and I would enjoy it too. :)

Mom- I know you know what I mean by this: 'take notes!''ll be a hostess in short order! If not, Christmas will be here soon, maybe you need a DBGC or shall we say, DBGH book....;) ;)

Kasie said...

Yes, you spelled "Pendragon" right. I'm with you guys; I can't wait until it comes out!