Wednesday, September 10, 2008

for the Truth to be proclaimed

I have recently received many emails, especially from my dear girlfriends, cheering on the choice of Palin for VP. Everything I have read of Mrs. Palin would leave one applauding her...but the question remains - does she - or any woman - belong in the gates?

Mr. Baucham did an excellent job - within the short time frame - of explaining why this is not the 'best'.

Remember - comments - seasoned with grace - even if they disagree, are always accepted!

You can also read a great blog post on the same topic here and here. (Thanks, Sis, for these!! Love, Mom)


Sallie said...

I think they both did a fine job of being gracious in presenting their view but I also think they both took their verses out of context. You can't use one small portion of a verse to stake your claim.

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God bless,

Fruitful Vine Lady said...

I think Dr. Baucham did a great job in the limited time he had. I wish he had had more time to speak. I loved his point that women ruling was a sign that the nation was under judgement. It was not a normative thing for Israel, and shouldn't be for us. Where are the Godly men who are qualified to lead?

Sis said...

Mr. Baucham does such a wonderful job at speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth at a mintue's notice! Thanks for sharing :)

Might I suggest that people also jump over to the Blog of Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin to read an interesting article on this subject? The link is:

Love ya~