Friday, September 26, 2008

for Hands-On Living History

This year at the local County Fair - I may have mentioned it already - one of the exhibits was Bullwhackin' Kass and her Oxen. Kass, aka Sheryl Curtis, travels around to museums, fairs, and festivals with her oxen and a living-history display. While the adults 'wow' at the size of her Brown Swiss - the kids get to go back in time and learn about life on the trail. Our kids were so impressed with her exhibit that they developed a vision.

The kids wanted to see Kass at our local town festival that is held towards the end of September. They prepared themselves with information on Kass and her oxen, spruced themselves up, and asked to go to our next Chamber of Commerce meeting.

They gave a short presentation at the chamber meeting only to be told, 'we think it would be a great addition to the fest, unfortunately we cannot help you'. Now, some would be crestfallen - but not Marlee and David. They made it their objective to bring Kass to fest.

They had me type up a short presentation and hit the pavement. They visited almost every business in our small town asking for donations to bring Kass to fest this year. They worked diligently for nearly two weeks visiting businesses, talking with managers, and answering questions.

Their hard work paid off!!! They raised enough money to bring Kass and her oxen to fest, much to the delight of the children (and adults!!). There were a few bumpy roads for them to work through - but in the end - they secured a place for Kass to 'set up camp' with donated sand (thanks Margie and Noreen!) delivered to the site (thanks to Dad and Wally, a wonderful gentleman in town who donated his time and equipment to haul the sand)and the money to bring Kass to town. Kass had worked a special discounted price for them - which they met (with a little extra). Although they did not raise enough for her regular fee, it still brought smiles all the way around.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the kids in their 'historical garb', but we did get some of the other kids. We also took several of the kids with Kass and her oxen. Their names are Ezra and Job. Enjoy!

Kass, David, and Marlee with Job

Victoria and Ezra

Troy and Ezra

Grinding coffee...the banners hanging on the wagon list the names of the businesses that Marlee and David visited for donations - all in all their were 50 contributors!

Cleaning up the griddle while breaking camp - Kass had several 'cook spots' going throughout the weekend. The kids made eggs, pancakes, apple dumplings, pies, biscuits - I think they had a blast!!!

The (extra) good news?? Kass was such a hit that the Chamber approached her for coming next year!!! We missed the Chamber meeting following fest - but the reports were that the town was talking about this added feature and wanted to bring her back. The kids will be going to the next Chamber meeting to give their own 'exit report'.


Julie said...

WOW!! The oxen are huge!!! Looks like a lot of fun!