Monday, June 2, 2008

for announcing the May Contest Winner!!

I want to send a BIG thank you to all of those that took part in the May Contest!!!

There were a total of 6 different pictures to identify that appeared throughout the month.

They were:
1. A garden hose
2. A clock
3. Socked feet in sandals/flip flops
4. A chainsaw/tree
5. A baseball glove
6. Sugar/flowers/teapot

Congratulations to all of you that submitted the correct answers (or a variation thereof *smile*)!

Now for the winner......drumroll, please......

Congratulations, Susan!!!

Stay Tuned for June's Contest!!! It will be posted later today!


Julie said...

Congratulations Susan!!!! You're such a good sleuth!!!

Safe Thus Far said...

Yeah!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! Oh, we are so excited!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The younger boys usually listen to these kinds of things at bedtime, so my big girl just said, "OK--I'll be sleeping in the boys' room for a while!"