Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...for Powerful Parenting - Part 3: Prayerful Parenting

Nancy did a fantastic job of describing the beauty of the importance of the parents prayer life. Once again, she talked of how God gives us instruction - and even paints a practical application picture for us in His Word.

She first directed us to Exodus 28, where God gives Moses instructions for the High Priests clothing. The clothing was to be beautiful - made of purple, blue, scarlet, and gold. Upon the shoulders they were to wear the ephod which were to be joined together with onyx stones on each shoulder. These stones were to have inscribed upon them the names of the tribes of Israel as memorial stones.

We continued reading further in Exodus where it describes the breast plate. Each tribe of Israel was represented on the breast plate with their own precious stone. (I'm not sure if this is a 'revelation' or not - but aside from what Nancy was teaching, I thought - isn't this just like the Lord. Each tribe had it's own precious stone, just like each of my children have their own precious personalities.

This paints a picture for us as parents. The Israelites were carried on the shoulders and over the heart...just as we should do as we bring our children before the Lord in prayer.

Isn't that a lovely picture? (During her talk, I was even thinking of ways to incorporate this into a t-shirt for my friend Susan's store.)

Prayer should be a part of our every day family life, also. She went on to describe the fires that God had lit in the Temple, but it was up to the people to keep them lit - every morning and every evening. This is the same for the incense. The aroma was never to leave. It had to be tended every morning and every evening. We were exhorted to have prayer with our children - as a family, father-led, every morning and every evening.

She then went on to explain that we are called to be a separate people. According to Exodus 33 we walk with the presence and power of God in us and upon us. This is our separation. However, our children will have to know this for themselves. By praying for our children, and with our children the seed will be planted.

She related one way to lift our children before the throne. Her reference was John 17 - the prayer of Jesus for the apostles.

She encouraged us to pray that our children:
1. Will know the only true God, and Jesus Christ. (v. 3)
2. Will be kept from evil. (v. 15-16)
3. Will be sanctified. (v. 17)
4. Will be one, as Christ and God are one. (v. 11 and 21)
5. Will behold Christ's glory. (v. 24)
6. Will have His love. (v. 26)
7. Will be prepared to face the world in Christ. (v. 18)

This was a beautiful time together as we walked through the prayer of Jesus for the apostles, and created a prayer for our children with His words.

She also taught during this session that we are to be an encouragement to our husband and children. She suggested that we keep a check list to ask if we were an encouragement to each of our children and our husband every day. She encouraged us to write this in our journal.

During this time, I really thought this would be an excellent place to record where I would like to see growth in my children spiritually. I could take my requests to the Lord - and then be PURPOSEFUL to bring a word of encouragement to my children when I see growth.

Just this morning I was convicted by the Lord after asking David to do a task. He immediately said, "Yes, ma'am", and got right to the job. I have not told him lately how much I appreciate this in him, and how much Christ shines through him when his response is swift and sweet. I better go find that little man of God right now and tell him how much his mama appreciates this and how it makes me praise the Lord!

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Stephanie@AHighandNobleCalling said...

I am really enjoying what you have been sharing from your retreat. It has been an encouragement to my weary heart!

KeepItSimple said...

Thank you, Stephanie. I hope the thoughts are coming through complete. The retreat was amazing!! My notes are scattered - so often, I got caught up in listening that I forgot to write things down *smile*. I'm trying to make my notes make sense. It's times like this retreat I wish I knew short hand (do they still teach that??).

Thank you for your encouraging words!!! The first several principles will be more complete than the last few. She was running out of time, so just mentioned them without going into them very deeply.

All of this infomration (plus way, way more can be found in her book The Power of Motherhood, I believe).

Blessings to you -

Stephanie@AHighandNobleCalling said...

Hi Camille

I have done the Power of Motherhood study (it was fabulous) and I also have several of her teachings. It is still refreshing to have a reminder every now and then to encourage my Spirit!

I think you are doing a great job communicating what you learned from her teaching!

Thank you again for sharing it with me, as their retreats never come close enough for me to attend!

Kat said...

Please keep it coming, since I couldn't take notes due to that clingy little it's like I get to go twice when I read your blog! - Kat ;)

KeepItSimple said...

Feel free to jump in with any comments, Kat! I took okay notes, but sometimes I got so caught up in what she was saying I forgot to write things down! Or...I wrote a short disjointed sentence knowing I'd remember what it meant only to find out I don't *smile*.

I'll be putting another one up soon!

Hugs to you -