Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...for Key Ingredients in cooking!

I just found the most amazing website for finding recipes. If you are looking for a site to match the ingredients you have on hand with a new recipe then you have to look no futher than Key Ingredients. Easy Recipes are just a few clicks away!!

When you visit this site, click on the link that says 'Ingredient Cloud' on the lower left-hand side of the page. A list will pop up with a variety of ingredient choices. Click each of the ingredients you have on hand, and it will automatically tabulate how many recipes they have in their system with those ingredients. Then, the fun really begins as you view each of the recipes to see which one you will surprise your family with!!

Another great option is their online cookbook. You can upload pictures and recipes to an online cookbook. You can choose to keep your cookbook locked, make it available to friends, or open it to the public. I added a recipe to test out their system, and it was so smooth! It walked you through the entire process, and editing was a breeze!!

I wish this site had been around when my mother was still living! How wonderful to let a sister, daughter, granddaughter, or friend 'borrow' your cookbook?? With a few clicks of the mouse, that is exactly what this site offers! You can now share your recipes with those near and dear.

Another great feature is that you can automatically make a widget for your blog with just a click of another button! They really make finding, creating, and sharing recipes very, very simple!!

Here is what the widget looks like:

Halawja Dijobon

This is a fantastic dessert recipe that is easy to ...

See Halawja Dijobon on Key Ingredient.

Head over to Key Ingredients and check it out! I don't think you will be disappointed! Bon appetit!!


M. C. Pearson said...

Okay, I've finally got you on the links for both FIRST and Non~FIRST. :-D