Friday, May 30, 2008

...for a humble thank you and to pass on the love

Kasie and the rest of The Willi gang recently awarded me with the “You Make My Day” blog award! A great big humble thank you to The Willi from our home to yours! You truly did make my day today!!

Now I'm to pass on the award to six others…

My dear friend, Susan, over at Safe Thus Far has been such an encouragement to me over the last year and a half! Can you believe it has been that long, Susan??? I love her blog because it keeps me close to her family, that I know mostly through her. I could write a wonderful book with all the emails we have sent back and forth. She challenges me often, and holds nothing back. I am truly blessed to call her friend.

Molly at Counter Cultural Mom challenges me - as a wife, as a mother, and as a daughter of the King. She turned me on to Spell to Write and Read (thanks, Molly!), and her talks always encourage me, exhort me, and have caused many 'ohhhhhhhh' and 'ahh haaa' moments for me.

Our new garden may not have had it's chance this year without the fabulous articles 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' by Stephanie at A High and Noble Calling. Thank you, Steph, for your words of experience and sharing with the rest of us!!

I do not have the pleasure of knowing Marmee personally, but I can tell you she has encouraged me so often! I love stopping by her blog to gain wisdom. She is such a light of encouragement. It is working, sometimes my oldest daughter will even say, 'Mom, are you going Marmee on _________(pick any household task)?'

Quiverful Mama where in all of the blogging world would I be without you?? I enjoy your articles, I enjoy your pictures, I enjoy 'catching' up on the goings on at your place, and I so appreciate all the encouragement and words of advice you have given me for the blogging world!

The Mom with Brownies over at I Can't Believe My Life I have just 'met' recently through Entrecard. What a fabulous gal! She has taken the time to answer emails regarding homeschooling how-to's. Her blog(s) are full of great information...and an eclectic mix at that!

All of you have blessed our family in one way or another, and for this I give you most heartfelt thanks. If you’ve been chosen, your job is to award six others in the blogging world who have made your day. Now, go bless someone!

Thank you everyone for blessing us so much!

Honorable mentions for those not in the blogging world:
Julie - my favorite Georgia Peach - I am rendered speechless (if you can believe it *smile*), when I try to even describe what your friendship means to me! Thank you for being you!!

Nate - I don't know you, but I do feel that you deserve recognition! I am sure The Willi meant no slight - so, you get the 'You Make My Day Award' for always posting such interesting (and funny) comments over at The Willi!


Jennifer Bogart said...

Oh thank you so much Camille *Big hugs*. I love knowing you online (even though it hasn't been long). It feels like we are such good friends. I know my husband often wonders about this Camille I speak of :).

Kasie said...

I love you idea of honorable mentions. Huzzah for Nate! :-)

Safe Thus Far said...

I would turn right around and give this back to you--but then it would be more like a circle than the chain of blessings it's meant to be. So I'll just say THANK YOU. It made me very happy to get this award from you! Yes--very, very happy! :)


Julie said...

I'm honored by the honorable mention. You are a wonderful friend! HUGS!!

AHighandNobleCalling said...

I just found this out today, somehow I missed it! Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoy your blog very much and you have inspired me as well:)