Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...for fathers and presents

Father's Day is just around the corner! Do you have the same opportunity (notice, I did not say problem *smile*) every year that we do? What to get Dad this year for Father's Day. We can't even fall back on the age-old 'tie' for Father's Day because Troy just doesn't wear ties. We have bought him every sort of tool imaginable. We have given him Gift Cards when we can't think of another tool that he might need. Frankly, I am running out of good ideas!

Well, I found a site that has a little of something for EVERY guy out there. They even have rifle slings! Now, Troy hasn't started hunting...yet, but he keeps talking about it. Perhaps if we bought him one of these, it would give him the encouragement that he needs! (His dear, dear wife is an animal lover. The thought of shooting Bambi just makes me want to cry! - So, maybe, just maybe, I have not been the encouraging wife he needs...but that ever dreadful 'dripping faucet'!)

If your guy doesn't need and/or want a rifle sling, they have a wide assortment of other off-the-beaten path gifts - and some not so off-the-beaten path that would fit the bill for your guy. They also have my favorite category - Close Outs!

I'd tell you the other items that I am thinking about adding to the birthday/Father's Day/Anniversary/Christmas lists, but Troy would find out what we are planning!!

I'd love to hear your ideas for unique gifts for the man in your life! Leave a comment for us - we'd really like to brainstorm with you!!


Safe Thus Far said...

Would it be absolutely shameless for me to suggest a T-shirt?

How about "Patriarch" or "Got a Full Quiver?



KeepItSimple said...

It absolutely would not be shameless!!!

The kids LOVE their shirts - and I love mine as well. Which reminds me...have you had any business cards made? I get asked all the time where I got my shirt - people absolutely love it!!!

I think I forgot to tell you that Nancy Campbell even asked where I got my shirt *smile*!

Blessings -

Check out Susan's site for some really great shirts for the whole family - even if your family isn't all that 'big'!

Sue said...

Eeks, I don't even want to think of Father's day - lol! It seems like we just had Mother's Day. I can never think of what to get my Mother or Mother-in-Law! I only have to worry about my husband for Father's Day I think I usually do get him some sort of summer clothes or maybe some camping gear or maybe even fishing gear. (Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving me a nice comment :)