Friday, March 20, 2009

for settling on the far side of the sea

Our dear friends, Clay and Jewel spoke at our church last Sunday to tell us a little more about their upcoming journey.

This is truly an amazing couple who have given more than most are asked to give for the Lord. As some of you know, they lost their only two children nearly a decade ago, along with a nephew and Jewel's father, in a boating accident. For many, this is the breaking point of their faith and a license to 'check out on life'. However, watching Clay and Jewel through this loss, one that I am incapable of truly appreciating or expressing in words, has been such a wonderful testimony to a life that says, 'Your will, not mine be done'. His ways are truly not our ways, His thoughts, truly not our thoughts.

The Lord has brought them through this trial - and they have hung on tight! Now, they are headed to China to be house parents. On Sunday, they shared with us how the Lord has worked in their hearts to bring them to this point. At present, they are committed to going for one year - however, if all goes well, and it is the Lord's will - they have set their minds on being in China until the Lord calls them home - that is to their heavenly home.

They have been busy securing their house, learning a new language, and getting ready for the next adventure the Lord has for them. They will be leaving in June to begin this new season in their life - one they are living out loud for the Lord.

There was a table set up in the back of the church with information on the Philip Hayden Foundation, the organization they will be working with as house parents. This organization works with families all over the world to help find homes for the 'throw away' children of China.

Clay and Jewel will be 'house parents' to the older children. At present, there will be two, possibly three, children, all girls, living in the House of Promise with them. These children, truly young adults, are past the age of adoption, which is 14 years in China. Clay and Jewel will be working with them to learn daily living skills, helping them with their English so they are more 'marketable' in the job market, and of course, sharing the love of Christ with them.

The ladies at our church (no, I wasn't one of them *smile*!) put together this lovely quilt that is being raffled in order to help raise money for Clay and Jewel on their missionary journey. If you'd like me to purchase some tickets for you, just let me know!!! They are $5.00 per ticket, and all proceeds will go to Clay and Jewel. The drawing will be held on Mother's Day.

If you would like information about Clay and Jewel please visit their blog The Far Side of the Sea.

Also, would you join in my prayer for this dear couple?