Thursday, January 22, 2009

for the right kind of prayer!

I wish Mr. Warren had a meeting with Mr. Swanson while writing out his inaugural prayer. Perhaps he would have prayed a prayer more like the one Mr. Swanson prayed, which is below.

From the blog of Mr. Kevin Swanson:

January 22, 2009
A Prayer At the Capitol

Today, I was asked to pray at Colorado Right to Life's Annual Rally at the Denver Capitol. This is what I said.

Oh God, in Heaven,

I pray for the state of Colorado today at the steps of the Capitol in Denver. I know that you remember that we are the first state to legalize the killing of innocent life 42 years ago. I pray for our country today. But I don't think the people of the state of Colorado and its leaders think all that much of you.

I wonder why we should call anything evil, when everybody is so sure that there is no judgment, and no God who will judge?

Why should we call anything sin, when the schools have been teaching us for 50 years, that there are no absolutes?

Why should we repent, when we don't fear God?

Why should we bother saying sorry, when you're not very sovereign, not very just, not very holy, and not all that interested in us?

Why should we respect your law, when we are a law to ourselves?

Why should we pay attention to you at all, when you are hardly ever even mentioned in our legislative committee discussions, our school textbooks, our newspapers, our movies, except when your name is taken in vain. You are a non-issue.

Why should we pray, when we're not even sure you are real?

Why should we ask for your help in the day of our distress, when we have given you the finger, by killing your children, by defacing your image, flushing it down the sinks of abortuaries across this state?


We appeal to you today oh God, because you have made a universe of billions of galaxies, and one tiny little earth, with 6 billion tiny little creatures called men.

And because we know that your ten commandments were not ten suggestions.

And because you are a God who really does bring empires to the ground, again, and again, and again, and again.

And because you are a God who cares about every minute detail of this earth you have created. Every sparrow. . . Every drop of blood . . .of animal and of man that is spilled onto the ground.

And because you are a God who paid for our sins and met the just demands of our breaking the law of God, and you did it with the drops of blood that spilled on the ground from the body of our Lord Christ at Calvary.

And we are sorry for the innocent blood that we have spilled.

We are sorry that we have despised the life made in your image. We have been selfish. We have despised your blessings. We have taken what you call a curse, and we have called it a blessing. We boast of big empty houses, empty hearts, and empty wombs.

We have been big, selfish, materialistic pigs, and we are sorry.

Give us the faith today to believe in the sanctity of life - impressed in stone by the finger of God.

Give us the courage today, to stand for life against all persecutions, against all oppositions, against all discouragements, against all principalities and powers, against trillions of dollars of humanist indoctrination, against the pro-abortion majorities in all of our governing bodies, against the most committed, pro-infanticide president ever to serve in these United States. We stand with You. We stand with David who and with Jeremiah who was known by you in his mother's womb. We stand with men of indomitable Christian faith who have stood for human life in history, as St. Patrick, Ambrose, William Wilberforce, John the Baptist, the Hebrew Midwives, and Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Help us as we stand against the tyrants of our day. Help us to stand in faith, unrelenting courage, and true love, all the days of our lives.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Victoria said...

Well said!!! Thanks for sharing that :)

I do have a proof reader's eye though...The part in the last paragraph about David, says, "We stand with David who and with Jeremiah".

Either he had an incomplete thought going there, I'm not reading it right, or some of it did not get copied to your blog properly.

Whatever the case, it's good! May we, like this man, recognize who we are before God and continue reaching for the next bar. All the while knowing that even if we reach the top (which we won't) it's not good enough and it's not even about us anyway.

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

What an Awesome prayer! God surely spoke through you those magnificant words to pray!
Keep listening to him!
Much love and blessings!

KeepItSimple said...


Thanks for stopping by!! Actually, that wasn't my prayer, that was prayed by Kevin Swanson - the link to his blog is in the post.

However, I will keep listening to HIm!!

Love and blessings back at you -