Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...for commercials

(No, we aren't Catholic)


Victoria said...

But if we were....There'd be even more! :)

Good post Meh-Maw!

Love ya~

Anonymous said...

Amen! It is so true and yet so sad... If only ALL people whether for or against saving the unborn babies, would just ponder the fact that their own mothers could have had an abortion and they wouldn't be living today... We might not have as many or ANY abortions in this world today. We just have to pray for eyes to be opened and hearts to look to Christ.

Thank you for posting this. It is beautifully done and definitely something people need to see!

God bless always, Erin :]

KeepItSimple said...

Hey Erin...

Glad to see you figured out how to leave a comment *smile*!!!

I'm sure Victoria has told you, but I was advised by several people to abort her. I can't even imagine if I had!!! What a beautiful young lady she has become!

Blessings to you -
Camille (aka Mrs. Eldridge)