Friday, January 2, 2009

for catching up!

Hi!!! Where did I disappear to??? (Okay the previous sentence is grammatically incorrect - I never did figure out how to reword those kinds of sentences!) I'm sure you all are wondering! We are all well. We have a lot of news and photos since November - and I do plan on posting some pictures soon! We have had family visits, a birthday, a wonderful Thanksgiving, a fantastic Christmas, sledding, snowmobiling, surgery, and a New Year since I last posted.

Right now - I am putting together some ideas to work on myself (and the kids) on being more obedient to Christ - and learning more about truly following Him. Victoria is reading a book (you can read excerpts and her thoughts on it at her blog, but I really liked one of the quotes she used. I'm not sure if it is from the book - or her comments on the chapter, but here it is

This life long task is not done legalistically, because it is not rooted in a desire to gain or earn God's favor. Rather, it is done in love with a desire to have more of God and live like it. The grace God bestows upon salvation is the source that lives on and manifests itself in God-pleasing lifestyles.

Isn't that fantastic? I am so tired of hearing the 'oh, (insert name here) is so legalistic'! If you strive to live a life that reflects more of God and less of self - the church is quick to classify a person as legalistic.

Ah well, that is a post for another day - and one that has a prayer prerequisite!!!

I plan on using the resources found at this site. The first one we will be going over is "Obedience". Now, you may be thinking this is a 'Mom-trick', but I have found that I truly need to be more obedient in my own life. I am sorely lacking in this area!

For now - I'll sign off. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are well and you'll be hearing more from us (me) soon!