Sunday, December 7, 2008

for catching up!

Hi all...

Just wanted to let you know that we have NOT fallen off the face of the earth. As many of you know, Lois - Troy's 'girl Friday' at work - was diagnosed with breast cancer in late October. She underwent a double mastectomy on Nov. 7th with some follow-up surgery to remove more lymph glands on Nov. 21st. She is doing incredibly well, and even returned to work on Dec. 3rd. For the past month, I have been filling-in at Troy's office in Lois's absence. Juggling the kids' school and work was sometimes trying - but I have first-hand experience now to know that God gives us the amount of grace we need to make it in any situation. I have seen this with Lois - and with myself.

I plan on posting LOTS and LOTS of pictures soon. I will also be posting some book reviews that are overdue!

Please continue to pray for Lois. Lift her and her family as you are led. Also, please pray for Vici, Troy's new 'girl Friday'. She began training with Lois on Dec. 3rd. Lois will work until December 9th. Her chemotherapy sesssions begin on Dec. 12th.



Dana said...

Praying for you and your juggling act (hehe) and for Lois as she goes through Chemo!

You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time, my friend!