Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Not long after my last post on what is going on in today's society, I picked up our local newspaper. To put it mildly , I guess you would describe what I am feeling as a confused conglomeration of disbelief and disgust.

I really, really would like your thoughts on this one. It is things like this that truly leave me wondering. Where is the line? When is enough, enough? My insides scream 'No, this can't be right!!!'...but from the editorial that says "None of us should do less than come out and participate in a spirit of solidarity and tribute...." to a pastor taking part in some of the festivities...well, I just wonder - am I off base?

Here is an excerpt of what is going on in our town. Let me know what you I misguided into thinking this is wrong somehow? Especially since it involves those killed in an act of aggression - and in honor of those that are serving our country. Please let me know.

From our paper:

This Saturday a special commenmoration will be held to remember the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. Owners of the _________ Saloon have announced a series of events that will take place throughout the day on Saturday in remembrance of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, as well as to honor the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who are still engaged in the wider war on terrorism.

So far sounds okay, right? Okay - so it's a bar hosting this's still an honorable event, right? Isn't this what we are taught? No mention of God - just giving a memorial to those that were killed on that tragic day 7 years ago, and giving honor to those in the Armed Forces.

Keep reading....

In addition to remembering September 11, the honoring of a fallen soldier will now also be part of the schedule.

That's nice, right?

It continues with the list of events planned for the day...

In the parking area will be a 'burn-out pit' where interested bikers can spin their tires, a bike wash performed by girls in bikinis, a barbecue, and a blessing.

Yes, you read that correctly, a blessing.

...continuing on -

Inside the bar will be live music and dancing. ...At 5 p.m., Pastor ________ of _____________ Church will lead a moment of silence and conduct a special candle-lighting ceremony, remembering those who were lost on September 11 seven years ago.

Okay - so, am I getting old and grumpy? Should this upset me - to live in a town that professes to be a 'Christian' town and have an event that mixes bars, women in bikinis, and blessings - and a pastor taking part in all of it - and the editorial in the same paper encouraging me to go.

Tell me what you think.

I wish I had Paul Harvey's number so I could give him a call and he could tell me 'the rest of story'.


Martha A. said...

It strikes me wrong too! I don't think you are too far off base! That is sad!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "ugh"! It seems like it can't even be true--it is that ridiculous.
I agree with you. You should be upset. How far we have fallen...
Have you thought of writing a letter to the editor about this? Just a thought....
Keep holding the standard high!
Jill J

bethany said...

oh, no no noooooo. It is not ok. It makes no sense at all.

Safe Thus Far said...

I double checked to see who was sponsoring the whole thing. It's not your town, right? Just a privately owned saloon. So that makes the bikini thing a bit better. But a minister participating? Sounds a bit worse. Maybe he thinks the good that can come of it outweighs the bad? (pragmatism, a bad concept)

I also wonder . . . Is the saloon donating ALL of the profits that day toward the 911 victims or anything? Or is this really just a cleverly marketed money-making scheme? !!!

KeepItSimple said...

Thanks for all the comments, ladies! I guess I'm NOT losing my mind.

Susan -

As far as the article says about donating money - the pictures that can be taken inside the bar cost $5 each and those proceeds will go towards the EMT crew. The rest of the events - as far as I know - are just money makers for the bars. Well, except for the Christian Ladies Society who will be washing the bikes. JUST KIDDING!!!

The saloon is hosting it - the town, per se, isn't involved...however, we you have a town our size - anything that goes on gets hung around the town's neck - if that makes sense. I just learned this will be spotligted on the local news as well - Oi!

Blessings -