Monday, September 29, 2008

...for FIREPROOF-ing

Victoria, Jacob, and I went to see 'Fireproof' this weekend. I have to say it was an excellent movie - one that everyone should see. The theater was pretty packed for an afternoon viewing - AND there were just as many men as women! One man started clapping when the movie was over - and most others joined in. We didn't clap - I never understood clapping at a movie, but that's just us.

Any way, if you haven't heard about it, click below. If you haven't seen it - make a point to go.

This movie is from the same directors of 'Facing the Giants', which was another good movie.


Safe Thus Far said...

We saw it on Sunday and loved it! I think even Boy One and Boy Girl were trying not to let the welling-up tears flow. I (who always cry at movies) always tease them about being so cold hearted when we see a movie--but not this time!

Wasn't it amazing seeing Jesus Christ magnified in a theater!!!

KeepItSimple said...

It was fantastic!!! Victoria started leaking a couple minutes into the - I leaked a little myself!

Sis said...

umm.."leaking"? I think the word you are looking for, when it came to me and Fireproof is, "bawling"!

Oh well, I guess I never have to worry about you exagerating my emotions. :)

Love ya!