Saturday, August 16, 2008

for July Pictures ~ Part Five

You asked, you begged, so you are getting them full force *smile*! Here are some more pictures of 'around the house' from July.


David escaping the confines of his 'Sandy Bed'!!

Time for a rinse!

(I think the face is because he realized how much sand was in his suit!)

Grazing the Horses

Who said lunch couldn't be a work of art??

(Victoria put together some leftovers, and ended up with a lunch that was magnificent!)

Recipe for Guacamole coming soon!

This is what happens when you try to sit on a 5-gallon bucket!

Super Doo to the Rescue!!!

Photo Op! Everyone say 'Cheese'!!

With a loud POP, she is FREE!!!

Snake Wranglers!

Get out of that bush you varmin!!!!

Help! Help!!

Don't think I won't bite you!!!

(okay, that is the end of the snake epic. No snakes or humans were hurt during the course of the photos - though you could hear squealing for miles and miles.)

PS - When you grab a snake by the tail, it only turns into a staff if God has commanded you to grab the snake (see the story of Moses) - otherwise, the snake just gets upset - tries to strike - and then disappears into the woodpile.

Here is just one of our chickens - Ms. Lillian. She is the only white egg-layer we have. She also wins the award for the chicken that looks the most like Phyllis Diller. This is the little gal that David and Marlee will be using during the Poultry Fitting and Showing portion of the fair which is next week.


Kasie said...

Hey, we don't mind full fledged! (at least I don't!) After a bit of absence, it's been great to see what you guys have been up to all this time!

Look at me talk when we haven't been the greatest on posting lately either. The real reason is we've had company for the past three weeks! Maybe next week after they all leave you'll see some more activity around our blog. :-)

God bless you guys!