Monday, August 11, 2008

for July Pictures ~ Part Four

A day at Riverfront Park

The Spokane Falls Skyride gave us an opportunity to discuss 'faith'. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of thigns not seen. We explained to the kids that some people have a very difficult time in having faith in God, but without a thought will get on a contraption like we were on. It really gave me pause when I looked up and saw us dangling from a wire by just a little open-sided hook. It was a fantastic discussion -albeit short - and a humbling experience for me because sometimes I do have more faith in 'skyrides' than I do in the Lord.

Spokane Falls from the Skyride

The Tour Train

I think I have these pictures out of order, however, if you look at Marlee and Victoria in the first one, you see they have questioning worried expressions. The reason was the young man in two cars over got sick...and I mean sick. That poor fellow had his lunch ALL OVER him. When he got off, he was covered, front and back. Poor Victoria was done riding for the day after that. It didn't phase Marlee in the least. As for me, I was sitting up in the seating area and thought I was going to get sick myself!


This is the 'world-famous' Looff Carrousel, a hand-carved wooden carroussel that was built in 1909.

David, of course, gave us another addition to his 'eating grapes' photo album!

Have you ever had the urge to jump into a photo that someone you didn't know was taking? Well, this guy not only had the urge, but he acted on it. Victoria and I were waiting on the kids to finish a ride, and Troy decided to take a little nap in the cool shade of a tree. We just HAD to take a picture of him...

enter jogging man. He saw us take aim...and he paused jogging long enough to strike a 'superman' pose. He then continued on jogging. I'm sure he was chuckling to himself, and Sis and I were laughing ourselves. Troy was oblivious as he enjoyed his siesta in the park. We did get another picture of him seconds later (which you can determine by the cars in the background) sans the 'Super Jogger'.

Marlee and David made a friend for the day while enjoying rides at the Pavilion. She was a nice little girl, and the rest of us had fun chatting with her mother while the kids rode themselves dizzy.


Victoria said...

Oh No! Meh-Mawww~

All these pictures and NO comments??? I hope you haven't scared everyone off with all of your lovely book reviews!

I tell you what, as the one who knows how many pictures you have to choose from, I'll keep coming back to see which ones you've picked....

Besides I enjoy reading your take on our lives! Book reviews and all. :)

Love ya~

Kasie said...

Hey, I can feel for that poor guy! I used to get car sick nearly every time I was in the car, so...

I've grown out of it now, but I still have a somewhat sensitive stomach.

See Victoria? I commented! :-P