Friday, August 29, 2008

for August Updates

August was/has been the slowest month of our summer thus far.

Most of the month was spent preparing animals (and ourselves) for fair. The kids had another wonderful year at fair, and learned even more about some of their projects.

We also added another driver to our ranks this month. Jacob will be taking Driver's Ed, so we had to obtain his Learner's Permit. He is excited, and Victoria, well, she will have to spend some time in the backseat again. At nearly 18 and 16, they still yell 'Shot gun!'...but Victoria would sometimes pull her 'driving card'...she had a license, Jacob did not. Now that Jacob needs 50 hours in the driver's seat, it looks like Victoria will have the backseat when just the kids and I go somewhere.

We are also gearing up to start another year of school. Jacob will continue schooling at home. This year we are trying a program called Winter Promise. It looks very interesting...and follows a Charlotte Mason-type approach - which will be good for Jacob. He LOVES to read.

Marlee and David will continue with Veritas Press and Spell to Write and Read. Both programs are FANTASTIC!!

We are finishing up our testing for the year...and should begin school very soon.

Pictures to follow!