Friday, March 28, 2008

..for carrying on Family Traditions

Last night, we tried our hand at an old family tradition passed to me from my father. I do not know any history beyond my own...however, I do remember it was always something we looked forward to as kids. My father's parents are from the Mediterranean...I believe Mersien, Syria and Tarsus, Turkey. Along with some great main course dishes, we learned some fantastic recipes for desserts.

One of these was (and forgive the Halehweh Dijibon. First, you have to make some lemon syrup. Add one-cup water to two-cups sugar. Mom always used regular old white sugar, but we use cane crystals and it tastes just as good. IT's just a bit darker in color. Okay, so bring the sugar water to boil and let it boil for 1 minute. Turn heat down to low. Add 3 or 4 thin lemon slices. If you want it more lemony - add more lemon.

Now you are ready to make the Halehweh Dijibon. This is made with a double-boiler. Melt one stick butter in top of double boiler then stir in one-cup of farina. Once this is incorporated, add in 1 lb. mozarella cheese...the real stuff. Stir this well (Dad always did this) until the cheese is melted and it is all combined.

Next, put a small pool of syrup on the counter and put a golf-ball sized blob of the farina/cheese mixture on it. Turn it over in the syrup to coat. Then, using a wooden rolling pin, roll it out paper thin. Now comes the fun part... EAT!

This stuff is fantastic. I have to say, too, after making it and tasting it last night (for the first time since making it with Dad) tasted just as I remembered. My whole family enjoyed it. We'll be making this again, I'm sure!

Not quite there...

...getting closer!

Coat it...

Roll it....

EAT it!!!!

If you give it a try at your house...let us know!!! Better yet, send us some pictures to post!


Sis said...

Keep it up! I love what you're doing...the pictures are fun to look at too!

Love ya~