Friday, March 28, 2008

...for fellowship

The last week and a half was full of fun and fellowship. We have been truly blessed with great friends and family. First, we had Grandpa Ron and Grandma Sweetie over to color eggs. Then, for Easter weekend, we did something a bit different this year. We went to a family camp at Peniel Ranch. We had a great time fellowshipping with other like-minded families. There were plenty of activities for all of us to enjoy.

Upon returning home Sunday, we headed over to Grandma Sweetie and Grandpa Ron's for a wonderful dinner. Then, we braved the very chilly, slightly rainy evening for two different egg hunts – one at their house, one at ours. The Lord has truly, truly blessed us by bringing this wonderful couple into our lives! While we were at family camp, they were busy hiding eggs! Marlee and David (and the rest of us) were thrilled!!

Mid-week had us at the play 'Treasure Island'. Marlee and David have been rehearsing since February for this production. Grandma Karen visited Troy before the show. She and Grandma Sweetie were at the afternoon show. GK visited with us after the play. For the evening play, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Julie visited. Dinner was a quick fare of deli-sandwiches with some deviled eggs (of course), a cabbage salad, and peach pie for dessert. Victoria and I had to be at the school early with the little ones because we were helping with make-up. Grandpa Ron tagged along for the evening performance.

Have I said how incredibly blessed we are?? If not, we truly are…and as we read in Philemon how thankful Paul was for the believers, we are also thankful for those the Lord has placed in our lives, and we do lift them up to the throne always.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Coloring eggs

Headin' to the Fishing Hole

Baitin' the Hook


Archery Fun!

Something hidden for everyone!


The making of Pigaloos

Enemies beware!

After the show - just us (minus Jacob) and then with Grandpa Jack and Grandma Julie.


thehappypetersons said...

I miss you guys!

Susan :)

KeepItSimple said...

...and we miss you!!!

Camille :)