Thursday, March 20, 2008

...for favorite sweaters

Posted by: Victoria

Hi Everyone~

Today, March 20th, is Mr. Rogers Day! If he were still alive this would be his 80th birthday. I don't know about you but I grew up watching this show and loved it for many years!

This summer my family got to travel to the east coast and as you can guess, I HAD to get a picture with the famous sweater that Mr. Rogers wore! This picture shows the only reason why I went...not for the JT400, not to see the famous buidlings, not to meet new people, not even to go to the ocean! (oh...I forgot, I also had to be there to carry all the bags! ;) ;))

In order to celebrate, the famous 'they' are asking us to wear our favorite sweater!

Won't you be my neighbor?


Julie said...

I like Mr. Rogers. Thanks for telling us about sweater day. Did you know that all of Mr. Rogers sweaters were hand knitted by his mother?

Julie said...

Victoria, why don't you put the Mr. Rogers song on here instead of the other "interesting" music. :) Abbey loves your choice in music by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thought I was in the wrong place when I heard the music. Camille--you never cease to surprise me! Dh has a sweater his grandpa gave him (btw-Grandpa is about 5'0 and dh is 6'1"!). Anyway, it is dh's favorite and we call it his Mr. Rogers sweater. He puts it on when he gets home from work. Hasn't yet started wearing the little sneakers though!

What I liked about Mr. Rogers was that he paused to let kids have a chance to think. Kid shows now all seem very fast-paced, loud, and distracting.

Thanks for the link!

KeepItSimple said...

Hey Ms. Cathy...

You must have missed my post on! The first few tunes are from our oldest daughter's CD collection. Not my listening choice on a regular basis, but I do like a few of the songs *smile*.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Hugs to all -

PS - Who is still in her 'old' homeschooling mom uniform. How have you been doing with the new uniform regulations this year?? *smile*

homeontherange said...

I really like Mr. Rogers, too! His was the quietest show on TV. I watched it when it was first on, and again with my son. We still use the code '143'. Thanks for sharing his birthday on the blog.