Friday, February 13, 2009

for turning 42!!

Today is my birthday. Last night during my 'quiet time', I got to thinking about gifts. I love gifts, so feel free to send me one!, but as I sat there thinking over the things I want (like a new computer chair) and over the things I have received in the past, I realized again that my true gifts - my true blessings are from above. This prompted me to write out a 42-item list of the things for which I am thankful. There is no special order to the list other than the top 5. Here is my list:

I am thankful for...

1. God the Father - who sent his son...
2. Jesus Christ - who sent my helper...
3. The Holy Spirit
4. My husband
5. My children
6. my freedom to home school
7. my friends
8. the ability to read
9. the ability to write
10. our vehicles and other modes of transportation
11. water to drink
12. our home
13. our wonderful fireplace (and the wood that goes in it!)
14. the gift of sight
15. my digestive tract
16. the seasons - all of them
17. the ability to walk - especially since the broken foot!
18. good entertainment
19. my immune system
20. the wonderful herbs the Lord has given us
21. garlic - gotta love Garlic Tea and GOOT!
22. our animals
23. fresh eggs every day (from the chickens mentioned above)
24. mail delivery
25. email
26. long-distance phone calls (and local ones, too!)
27. Troy's profession
28. the privilege of being a wife
29. the privilege of being a mother
30. the privilege of being a friend
31. electricity
32. cookbooks!
33. Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
34. FIRST Wild Card Tours
35. blogs of godly women - most I don't even know!
36. the body of Christ!
37. our family's overall health
38. Azure Standard
39. a comfortable bed
40. my pillow
41. a hot shower
42. our stove

There are some 'little things' on the list and some 'big things', but truly, if I were to list all the blessings I have received from above, wow! it would take a lifetime to write! I usually reply with '...but for the grace of God that could be you/us' to the kids when they comment on a person or situation that they find undesirable. So, I am very thankful for everything on my '42-List' because 'but for the grace of God' some of them would not be on there.

So, I wish you, a very Happy 'un'-Birthday and this most wonderful day! As the Psalm I just memorized says in part...'I will praise you! Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well!'


Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Blessed!!!

I love your list, that was a cute idea!

Thanks for taking time out for me today - I appreciate you taking the time to be the mail lady for me. :o)

Can't wait to bake your cake and celebrate.

Love ya~

Walter said...

Happy Birthday!

May you have a blessed week.

Walter (for the The Willi)

Leslie said...

Hi, Camille. I hope you had a great birthday!

I came here to answer your comment at my blog. Stitching is easy, but I guess that depends on the person. You do it all by hand and some people can't use a needle and sew at all so I guess it would be difficult for them. I like the simplicity of it, that you can literally draw or write anything and make it into a beautiful stitched work of art :)

I have a tutorial at my blog to help people get started...if you look in the right hand column, I have a place for labels and there is one for tutorials that will take you to the stitching. You can also look searches for info on how to stitch. The most common stitch is the back stitch. French knots are probably second. I have only had to learn a few new ones more recently.

Hope that helps!


The Dischers said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Camille!

God Bless!
--who is also 42