Tuesday, August 19, 2008

for Family Reunions

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend Troy's family reunion. After being a part of this family for nearly a dozen years, I am still learning who is who. We didn't have family reunions when I was growing up. However, both sides of Troy's family get together at least once a year.

On the way over, we had a bit of an adventure. First, we stopped and looked at a different motor home that was for sale. While we were doing that, Ms. (bad dog) Lydia hopped in the front passenger seat of our motor home and decided to go potty. So, once we made it to the next town, we took a short break to clean the seat. A little bit of windshield wiper fluid and water cleaned it right up at the local Car Wash. We then hunted around for a tire store. One of the tires was making a funny noise, so Troy wanted to get a new one. We hunted (in three towns along the way) to no avail. No one had the type of tire we needed. Oh well. We continued on our merry way, and then about 20 miles from our final destination - POP the tire on the motor home blew up. Wow!!! Talk about excitement. The Lord, however, saw fit to allow the tire blow where there was a turn out area. It was actually a gravel pile area, I think. So, we had to wait there for a bit until Grandpa Jack came to the rescue with a jack. We had everything we needed except for a jack. (Yes, we now have one in the motor home!).

Once we arrived, it wasn't long before it was time to eat. Marlee helped Aunt Ellen make peach pies - four big ones for the crew and an individual just for her. We helped where we could - Troy left to take the motor home to the tire shop to get a new tire. By the time he got back, the food was on. The rest of the weekend passed in a blur. The kids played and played and played some more. Troy got in a bit of guitar time. I had a chance to talk to some of the older relatives about the Lord - and the changes they have seen in me since coming to the Lord. It was a very special time. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

The BIG Blowout!

Lydia 'Navigator/Copilot'

Pit Stop Photo Op

Enjoying the breakdown...notice the stick and the can!!

View from our impromptu pit stop

Grandpa Jack to the Rescue!!!

Retrieving can from over the cliff. Boys!



Aunt Ellen, Peach Pie, Lotsa love!

Our very own Resident Artist!

Chow Time!

Sprinkler Soccer for the young...

and the young at heart!!!

Gentleman and Ladies...start your engines!!

Uncle Den...I'm sleepy!

My theory...the dirtier the feet, the more fun that was had...these kids had a BLAST!


Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

Wow! Look at that tire! The dirty feet shot is priceless :).

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The Dischers said...

Hi, Camille! I found your blog on the Willis and have enjoyed reading your blog on and off and keeping up with your sweet family.

Looks like a wonderful time at the reunion. It's so precious to see our children connect with their heritage. Oh! and I've never seen someone have so much fun during a blown tire!!!

God Bless!
Beth Discher
from JT400

Beanygirl said...

Can't wait to see Aunt Ellen again!! I'm so excited that she might come on Wendsday,maybe sooner,maybe later!!!!