Monday, February 18, 2008

...for giving

For Valentine's Day I gave my sweet this beautiful plague.

I ordered it from Fruitful Vine Creations. I can't say he was excited (since it doesn't come with any horsepower or an engine or anything), however, he was very, very appreciative. So much so, he even hung it up that same day in our room without being asked. It now hangs above our bed, and it is a wonderful reminder, each time we enter our room, that we indeed are one, as God intended.

Thank you to Tonya for helping me express to my husband the depth of my love and for your 'Cottage Industry'. May the Lord bless you and your household.


thehappypetersons said...

That's beautiful, Camille! I have purchased from Fruitful Vine Creations also (wall words), and we are repeat, happy customers.


Tonya said...

Camille,I am so thrilled to hear that you like your sign. It is a pleasure to me to help others add Scripture to their walls. Thank you also, Susan, for your kind words.