Friday, February 1, 2008

...for fun and giveaways!!

So, I ordered a set of books, but we already own one of them, so I am having a contest!

Since this is my first 'contest', there won't be a lot of rules. It's open to anyone and everyone. Since I'm not real sure how the comments work, I will post the winner, and that person will be responsible for emailing me. Let's see, the contest will end on Wednesday, February 13, 2008.

The book I will be giving away is 'Boyhood and Beyond' by Bob Schultz.

Now, here is the task before you....Write a poem that goes along with the following picture:

The poem can be short or long, can rhyme or not. Oh, please remember to use appropriate language. All entries will be moderated, any that are not 'family friendly' will be not be posted. The judges will be, well, our family!

Have fun!

Please put your entries in the comment section...but for you seasoned bloggers, I guess that was a no-brainer!


PS - Feel free to tell your family and friends!


Molly said...

No poem just yet....but I LOVE this idea! I have been looking for ways to motivate people to leave comments! And I LOVE giving away books! So I might borrow your idea of doing a contest!

Becki said...

I WANT this book. In fact,I've had it in my cart over at VF for some time now.
Okay, we'll be working on our poem, Camille.
I love your blog!

Molly said...

The snow is thick on grass and tree,
it sweeps a sadness over me.
The lonely bench, where once we smiled,
with happy memories is piled,
of all the days that used to be.

Night's shadow now has touched my face,
reminders of the empty place,
where once you sat in days gone by,
before the Lord bid you to fly
to heavenly realms, amazing grace!

The sunlight holds the shadow tight,
and casts an ever-growing light
as tears and smiles, mingled there,
surrender to the empty chair,
and thank the Lord for day and night.

thehappypetersons said...

Wow, Molly. You're a great inspirational speaker and a poetess. Really nice!

I vote for Molly. Or at least I would if I got a vote.


lois said...

snow fell on the bench
welcome sight after trudging
I'll sit and rest there

Jon, go clear the bench
Momma's tired from walking
let's sit and enjoy

Julie said...

OK, for fun I'll try a Haiku.

Blue shadows on snow
Casting a cold warming glow
Icy nose and toes

amakers said...

A special gift beside a tree in spring my love had given me.

I sat and rested, prayed and thought; the children little treasures brought.

The familiar bench, the slender tree that in the summer shaded me,

I watched the children run and play
the highlight of a mother's day.

Bright read leaves fell from the tree and, with the wind, they fell on me.

The children laughed to see them there caught and tangled in my hair.

The bench is padded now with snow the tree is beautifully laced also.

Soon we will all go out to share
God's gifts of snow and cold, fresh air.

Every time I look out I see my love's precious gift to me,

I cannot run, to walk is hard.
I love that bench out in the yard!

(P.S. I can walk just fine.)

boysmom said...

from my sons, Samuel and Andrew

Trees all around me
Resting place for the tired
A cold snowy bench

KeepItSimple said...

Keep the entries coming!! I will announce the winner on Valentine's Day. The kids will be voting tomorrow.

I am personally amazed at all of you that submitted haiku's! I could never get the right amount of syllables!

Blessings -

KeepItSimple said...

The contest has now ended. Thank you to everyone who participated...and to those that would have participated if you didn't already own the book!

Stay tuned for the winner!

Blessings -

GP said...


Sent in a poem, did you not get it?

I don't see it on the comments section:(

Bonnie said...

Oh, my goodness! I had to go to town this afternoon (a big deal for us) and said, "I'll enter the contest when I get back." Then when I got back, daughter Katie and I got busy making War Between the States (we don't say Civil War here!) shirts for boys who will be re-enacting at Olustee FL on Sat.

I just forgot until they all went home and it got nice and quiet! Well, maybe next time . . . I have enjoyed the poetry!

From Bonnie, grandmother of 22 at Jamestown, who thought about how nice it is to have 79+ degree weather with palm trees swaying in the breeze today!

KeepItSimple said...

Hi GP...

Thanks for participating! I sent you an email explaining why your poem was not submitted.

Blessings ...and look for more give-aways, soon.