Thursday, October 29, 2009

for pictures!!!!

(These pictures are not in any particular order!)

David being David....

Why we are not in the Family Portrait business:

Troy's BIG catch of the day...(okay, okay, it's a stuffed fish...but a guy CAN dream!)...

David sliding down a Fire Pole:

Climbing on a Pirate Ship toy...

Marlee girl finding her way through the hedge maze in the midst of the corn maze:

Ah ha...the castle!!!

In the corn maze:

Random picture from home....the fog was moving in!

Marlee's nature shot...pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Troy pickin' and grinnin':

Jacob got his birthday present a month early - his 'excited' expression was for his dear old mom!(Thanks, Jacob!):

Marlee and David's watermelon crop - Dad could have eaten it in one bite!!

David being David...

Laylie, Marlee and Elsie reading 'The Jungle Book' -