Thursday, October 29, 2009

for catching up

Not sure where I left off...but I'll just fill you in on what has been going on around our house. We have moved to a year-round school year this year as a test drive. So far, everything is going smoothly. Every 9th week we take a week off, and we just enjoyed our first week off last week. We focused on what we had been learning in History and Bible while doing crafts. The kids made a replica of Charlemagne's crown when crowned 'Holy Roman Emperor'. They also made a necklace of Thor's hammer - which also led to discussion of Charles the Hammer. They made mosaic tile coasters (which didn't turn out so well) and finally we made paper mache whales as we talked about Jonah and his trials.

The kids and I went to Green Bluff a few weekends ago to enjoy their Harvest Festival. We went through a corn maze - the kids explored a castle - and we picked up some very cool wool hats for the little ones (who aren't so little anymore!). It was a fun day!

We have been staying relatively healthy this season. A few coughs and stuffy noses - but nothing too serious - of which we are very thankful!!!

Victoria continues with her studies through Whitefield - which she thoroughly enjoys - and I have been reading some of J. C. Ryle's works. If you have not read anything of his, I highly suggest you do. It is very, very good teaching...and though written in another generation - it pertains to ours just as well. Of course - isn't the Lord wonderful in that way? No matter the culture or the society - His word fits all.

Troy took a day to go fishing - and has been using his smoker with great success. He and Jacob refabricated an old refrigerator into a smoker - and it works wonderfully! I'm not much of a fish eater - but I have had a few tastes - and it is very good.

Pictures will follow soon - I have to track down the camera and get them on the computer!!!

So, how are things in your corner of the world?